About Us

LfG overview

LfG is one of the leading engineering companies involved with establishing a unique technology innovation in design and construction of industrial lehrs and kilns around the globe. Our team has the long term experience in production of foam glass, annealing, decorating and tempering lehrs.

We adapt our lehrs to the specific requirements of client’s product and use the most efficient process flow. LfG has established a contact and close relationship with suppliers participating in a project implementation. We compile and manage an exclusive database of dozens of local and international companies active in various technological sectors as well as companies with an expertise in different business-related fields.

During 2014 and 2015 two full-scale commercial foam glass production lines were constructed and deployed in Russia by our team. The lines are fully operational with over all annual manufacturing capacity of up to 110,000 m3.

We have developed from scratch, unique of its kind fully automatic, production line for manufacturing superior quality foam glass blocks. Our expertise covers all engineering stages of production line erection: from technological concept through full shop floor design and construction to on-site deployment.

The aforementioned lines produce exceptionally high quality ecologically clean insulation material with lowest thermal and noise conductivity and highest corrosion resistance.

The production lines designed by LfG team and deployed in Russia have record low energy consumption characteristics.

LfG offers turn-key project solutions for erecting a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for foam glass blocks.

We are ready to accept new projects in order to expand and build a platform for technology transfer into new geographies.