Foam Glass

Foam glass blocks

The superior properties of the foam glass blocks made of foam glass have made them ideal insulation material for construction industry.

Main properties include:
• Completely noncombustible. Has zero smoke development and flame spread classification
• Ecology-friendly. Production process utilizes waste recycled glass as a raw material
• Low thermal conductivity. Can be used as insulation material in the range of -260°C to +485°C
• Low noise conductivity. Sound absorption figure reaches 56dB
• Dimensionally stable. Has coefficient of thermal expansion similar to concrete and steel
• Waterproof since it is made of pure glass
• Acid resistant since made of glass
• Pest-resistant due to its inorganic nature
• More than 100 years life-time

Foam glass main uses:
• Construction industry (residential, industrial, infrastructure)
• A reduction of the travel time in the lehrOil and Gas industry for insulation of pipes and different tanks
• Agriculture for heat insulation particularly with harsh environment